Social Media for Branding

Steps to get started with social media and brand building strategy.

Social Media for Self Branding

Need for Personal Branding

The idea of personal branding is relatively new but it's an important thing to cultivate today. People who are looking to hire and work with you will find out a lot more by Googling you.

It is estimated 80% of jobs are found in the informal job market, which means through networking and personal connections.

Today one of the major source of recruitment is social platforms for recruiter.

Your individual personal brand is created by the personal values that you believe in and how you build our professional reputation by your contributions to your communities, online and offline.

Why personal branding?

You might not think of yourself as a brand, but the truth is you are. Today, everyone is a brand - even if you're not trying to be.

Advantages of a Strong Personal Brand

  • Increased recognition
  • Acknowledgement as an expert
  • More opportunities for leadership
  • Chances for partnerships
  • Greater value

How To Identify Your Personal Brand?

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What purpose drives you?
  • How are you different?
  • What's your core message?

Your first step is to create social media accounts that are separate from your company's official brand.

How to build your personal brand?

  • Define Your Objective (e.g. "I Want to Start My Own Business", "I Want to Differentiate Myself From Competitors", "I Want to Sell More", etc.)
  • Identify Up to Three Areas of Expertise (e.g. "What do you want to be known for?", "Whom do you want to connect with?")
  • Make a List of Profile Links (i.e. Store links to all of your social media profiles in a spreadsheet.)
  • Develop a Strong Positioning Statement (i.e. keyword headline or power statement headline)
  • Use a Consistent Look and Feel on All Platforms
  • Reserve Your Name Everywhere

Developing Your Own Personal Brand : On The Web:

  • Register your own .com / .in domain and your own custom email address.
  • Create a blog or website using a professional theme framework.
  • Sign up for Google Analytics
  • Start blogging and sharing your personal stories through text, images and video.
  • Use a lead magnet on your website to grow your email list

Developing Your Own Personal Brand : Using Social Media:

  • Choose 1 to 3 areas of expertise
  • Keep the same name, profile pic, images and look across your social profiles
  • Reserve your name on all social channels
  • Come up with a catchy, unique headline, or bio
  • (i.e. keyword headline or power statement headline)
  • Post every day to your most valued social profiles
  • Join a chat, group, or community to reach out to others
  • Monitor mentions of your name, and reply quickly

Some of the activities on popular social platforms

  • Create a Facebook Page for your digital brand.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for search and discovery.
  • Take photos and share them daily on Instagram.
  • Share your videos on YouTube or Snapchat.
  • Interact with social media influencers on Twitter.
  • Consider getting a Google+ account.
  • Use a Social Media Dashboard.
  • Organize your social profiles.
  • Actively participate in online conversations.

How to win trust on social platforms

  • Be yourself
  • Think twice before posting
  • Don't react immediately to others
  • Be consistent

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